2011 Master’s Project ¶


Okay, guys. I know I didn’t update this at all during the course of the fall semester.

I apologize! Really. I thought this thesis would be easy to track and chronicle – as evidenced by the syllabus I myself drafted – but as life happened, it got to the point where a lot of the legwork was done within a week before it was due.


So here’s some details for you!:

  • I changed the title from Privileged to Looking Back at Lourdes; it was originally going to be a narrative but instead morphed into a collection of short, illustrated vignettes.
  • The EPUB is currently about 130 pages, including front matter, body material, and back matter.
  • Images are formatted at 1125×1875 pixels (specialized for the Nook Color).
  • I tested the EPUB in Adobe Digital Editions, though it looks really great on the iPad and Nook Color. Not too shabby on iPhone, but you need the screen real estate.
  • After a disastrous attempt in handcoding the EPUB from scratch, I used Sigil to compile the 200+ files for the base EPUB file.

Here are some screencaps:

in iBooks

an attempt to handcode my EPUB's package.opf file (comments help!)

A page on the Nook Color. Gorgeous; one of my favorites.

Cover on the home screen. This made me cry with happiness.

A page in Adobe Digital Editions. Much better than I expected, though I needed to do some serious tweaking to the CSS (not really "serious," but serious enough to cause a headache).

Right now my biggest concern is metadata, so I have some tweaking to do this week! Also will  be scheduling my defense soon, so I’ll keep you guys posted!

  1. If you are handcoding the XML and XHTML files, it is kind of a must to use a file editor that does syntax highlighting.

    From the screenshot of your OPF file, see the status bar where it says “plain text”? Click on it and choose XML.

  2. What’s your concern about the metadata? The fields you should use, or the correct way of using it?

    I see that Pressbooks-designed EPUBs have pretty thorough metadata, most likely because PB is a platform for print publication, too.

    Exported a short story I converted, found a field I wasn’t familiar with – then discovered this post. It was made before EPUB3 was OKed, but still fascinating:


  3. Great stuff! I’m a published illustrator/graphic novelist (and current grad student), and I can definitely second the scarey/awesome world of publishing. To turn your thesis into a graphic novel is a big endeavor, but I’ll definitely be looking for an e-copy (or print copy if you’ll have one) when it’s all said and done.

    Good luck, and fight the good fight! 🙂

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