Tools of Change: There’s An App for That!

How crazy is it that Tools of Change is next week?! I can’t wait to hear the many amazing panelists at the conference, as well as get my hands on some awesome devices during the Digital Petting Zoo (which I’ll be volunteering at, hurray!). So imagine my surprise when Kat Meyer tweeted about a newly released app for conference goers, available on the iPhone, iPad and soon Android.

As soon as I opened it up, I knew I was in for a treat. The thought of an app escaped me when I began to think about my upcoming schedule at TOC; I’ve used an app for my trip to New York Comic Con last year, and I had some mixed experiences. Overall, the main reason I use apps like these is to have my personalized schedule close at hand so that I don’t need to fuddle through printed maps and handouts.

For TOC, I need not worry with this app. Everything – keynote location, times, and event descriptions – is located within one clean interface.

My personalized schedule, displayed on the TOC App.

For more screencaps, click the link below!

A lot is encapsulated into this app, but what’s most important includes features that pertain specifically to the convention goer. For the directionally-challenged (like me), with this app you can find where you are in the hotel/conference, nearby locations (like restaurants and other points of interest), and sections of the hotel with exhibits and O’Reilly-related awesomeness. Simply click on the Map icon in the bottom navigation bar:

A map with helpful pins for exhibit and keynote locations.

You can also key into specific keynotes and conference events after finding them in your schedule:

Details about a specific keynote/workshop.

Additionally, you can search for information on panelists and get mini bios, or even on TOC attendees like you! The app features really nice profile pages for both:

Also, you can take notes – yay, notes! – for different panels. So you could jot down some interesting things a panelist says to tweet about later – or maybe questions you have for them, which you can bring back up when you nervously approach them after they talk. I’m not talking about myself, no sir.

Regardless, I’m really excited about TOC next week and can’t wait to bring this app with me! The only real caveat I see with this app regards lack of a landscape keyboard (I find it easier to type in landscape than not). Other than that, we’ll see how it holds up to the WiFi connection at the Marriott.


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