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Continuing Developments

And we’re back!

As you may have been able to tell from the lack of updating, I’ve started my penultimate semester at Emerson College as an epublishing student. I’m absolutely flabbergast at the fact that I’m almost there, ridiculously close to getting that shiny master’s degree.

However, I’m also a bit saddened by it, too.

Counting my time at undergrad, I don’t think anything can top the semester I’m currently having here. I’m at work on a thesis that feels challenging and rewarding, as well as in a great class covering the basics of electronic publishing; and all this under the guidance of the best adviser I could ever ask for. It amazes me how safe I feel here in this program; I am so comfortable, happy – and I don’t know how I’m going to deal with graduating in May just yet.

And I thought graduating from undergrad was a big deal. Emerson has crafted this kind of cocoon I really don’t want to leave. This scares me. Staying and teaching epublishing at Emerson has crossed my mind more than once, though I have no idea how that could ever be accomplished. This also scares me.

Anyway, fears and silliness aside – and speaking of leaving – it’s too good to be true: I’ll be attending the eBook Architects workshop next week! It’s NEXT WEEK. I don’t believe this.

Honestly, I’m very nervous. I’m afraid I’ll ask a stupid question and everyone will raise their eyebrows and wonder why I’m in the room. But I know these are unfounded, silly fears and that this community – including the one involved with #eprdctn (which has a wiki now!) – will be welcoming, friendly, and above all, patient.

At the end of the day, I can’t wait to learn from such talented professionals.

Lastly, the thesis is going fine, slow if anything. Instead of working on it like I’m supposed to, I’ve been reading The People of Paper by Salvador Plascencia. It’s a great book, and I hope to finish it by the weekend. I also whipped up this poster in InDesign for it, instead of working on my thesis:

It’s all about priorities. And yes, I need to work on mine.


Clearing the dust

So it’s been exactly one month since I last posted – I apologize!  The last three weeks were filled with traveling (from coast to coast) and catching up with myself. Classes begin in less than two weeks, and while I’m excited, I’m incredibly nervous about all the work I need to do for my thesis.

It’s… getting there. No where near where I need it to be, of course, but I am confident it will get done by September 6. Because, you know, it will get done by September 6.

I don’t know why I’ve procrastinated so much with such an important project – one that determines whether I graduate next semester, no less – but I am strangely calm about it. Granted, I lost time when my last tablet, a Wacom Intuos3, died on me after a solid five years of work. Now I’m using a Bamboo Fun, and it’s great for what I’m doing.

Here’s the most recent pages I worked on:

Yeah, it’s getting there. I’m trying to figure out what exactly I’ll bring into the eBook Architects workshop next month, but I’m sure it’s going to have to do with this project. I’m sure problems will arise…

I know a lot of ebook news has been going on too. I’ll be blogging again soon! I missed writing here!